Hello everyone

My name is Helen R. and I am the author of this blog/website - All Pep Talk.

I created this website because I want to talk about all things that I am passionate about like Health, Beauty, Movies, Traveling, Fitness, Pets, Web Designing, Art Work, Decorations, Food and the list is endless (Don't worry I will keep on updating from time to time).

Food - Raspberry
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You must be thinking who am I? or why have I created this blog? or why am I telling you all this?

Well, calm down... I will answer all your questions and I will tell you everything about myself and the purpose behind creating this blog.

About Me

Now let's talk a little about myself. I live in the United States of America, New York to be precise and I am a chef by profession. I went to culinary school, got my license and started working as a sous-chef in a small cafe in early 2010. I was very young at that time but it was honestly the best time to learn new things.

Since my early childhood, I was always interested in cooking and in fact, watching cooking shows. I used to watch my mom cook dinner in the kitchen. Everything looked so magical to me. My mom understood that cooking interests me so she started teaching me some basics and that is how my love for cooking grew.

Currently, I am working as a main chef in my own restaurant. My husband is the owner of the restaurant. It is a really good atmosphere in the house as well as in the restaurant. It's all full of love.

You must be curious to know about, how I met my husband? Well, it's not the magical Cinderella story. We met through a common friend, then we became friends and started liking each other. Then we started dating and after 2 years, he proposed and we got married in early 2017. After that, my husband invested all his savings into buying a place where I could start my own restaurant (actually, its a small cafe).

Health and Fitness

My father is a doctor and my mother is a nurse. So, I grew up in a home that was always very alert about health and fitness. Since, early childhood, I learned a lot of things about medicines, side effects, dosages, chemical names of compounds, diseases and many more things.

My father always encourages everyone to take good care of their health. He says that if you exercise regularly then you can easily lose weight and when you lose weight and avoid getting obese then you can overcome several diseases.

He told me that people do not understand this simple concept that diabetes, which is a life-threatening disease is on the rise only because the rate of obesity among people is growing. He says, that people are willing to spends thousands of dollars every year on medicines but they are not ready to spend a few dollars on gym membership.

Actually, it's very simple, just start working out daily and you will lose weight. Once you lose weight, your chances of developing diabetes naturally reduces a lot. Yes, believe me, it reduces a lot. Some people also prefer taking weight loss pills to lose weight.

Honestly, there are hundreds of weight loss pills available and you can easily choose one for yourself but will it actually work for you that is a big question. If you notice phenq reviews and side effects then you will see that it is a natural and effective fat burning supplement that reduces weight in a very effective way and may be that is reason why thousands of people worldwide have used it.

About all, the composition of this diet pill is also all natural so you do not even have to worry about the potential side effects.

A few weeks ago, I recommended it to one of my regular customer in the cafe. Her name is Jeanette, she is wonderful woman, so full of life. She visits almost everyday because she loves the coffee that is served in my cafe and then one day she said, I am really worried, I might have to give up on this amazingly delicious coffee. I asked her why so she told me that she is worried about putting on more weight. Then I told her about Phen q diet pills because I have heard about these pills a lot and then Jeanette bought these and started using them.

Just yesterday, Jeanette told ma that she has already lost 1 lb of weight after using these slimming pills. She was so happy about it.


Now it is time to talk about beauty. This is something that is extremely close to my heart (obviously, because I am a woman hahahaha).

After losing weight (rather after maintaining weight), the second most important thing for us women is beauty. All of us wanna look pretty and hot. Yeah, we hate cat-calling but we like it when heads turn around. Also, receiving compliments is like breathing. "Just compliment me and I'll glow naturally".

Some women, however, suffer from skin problems or hair problems. Don't worry, I am here for your rescue. I will talk about all these beauty related issues in detail.

A lot of women do not know that there is a disease that only affects women and it is known as pcos or Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. As, this disease is related to ovaries and only women have them so, obviously women are affected by this condition.

In PCOS, your ovaries produce too much of male hormones that causes bodily changes like your voice will deepen, you will grow hair on places like chin, upper-lips, chest, back, stomach (basically, all male-pattern hair growth).

In some rare cases this can also lead to ovarian cancer. We will discuss that also in details so no need to worry or jump to any conclusions yet.

As, I said earlier, bookmark this blog because it will be updated regularly... so, the article will be continued.