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Hello everyone My name is Helen R . and I am the author of this blog/website - All Pep Talk . I created this website because I want to talk about all things that I am passionate about like Health, Beauty, Movies, Traveling, Fitness, Pets, Web Designing, Art Work, Decorations, Food and the list is endless (Don't worry I will keep on updating from time to time). Food - Raspberry   Just keep in mind that this is the main page on this website, so please bookmark it for future reference. When you bookmark it, you will never miss out on any updates on this blog post. You must be thinking who am I? or why have I created this blog? or why am I telling you all this? Well, calm down... I will answer all your questions and I will tell you everything about myself and the purpose behind creating this blog. About Me Now let's talk a little about myself. I live in the United States of America, New York to be precise and I am a chef by profession. I went to culinary school

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